Women’s Padme Costume


This is a Women’s Padme Costume.

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Federation blockades, trade disputes, fiesty gungans and nexu attacks. There’s nothing that Padme Amidala can’t handle! Yes, she’s ready for it all, ready to do what it takes to battle for her homeworld of Naboo if not the entire Republic. Sometimes that’s a pretty tall order! And when she sets aside her Queenly robe or her Senator gear to go on a mission, she’s going to need a uniform that’s ready for the intense action that comes when you battle alongside Jedi knights. She’s going to need a bodysuit!She’s ready to blast off across the galaxy and save the day, and if you feel like you’re up for the challenge, too, you can dress just like her when you choose this Women’s Padme Costume. It’s Star Wars officially licensed, and it’s styled straight from Padme’s screen look in Star Wars Episode II Attack of the Clones. The long sleeve, full pant bodysuit zips up the back, and it’s made with polyester and spandex for just the right amount of stretch. It also comes with a molded belt and attached boot covers so you can have the complete look. Pick up this Star Wars costume, and you’ll have the signature style of Padme!



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