Steampunk Lady Plus Size Costume


There is something super cool about combining the old with the new and in this Steampunk Lady Plus Size Costume you’ll be doing just that! This costume features a saloon style dress with gear accents.

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A WHOLE NEW WORLDAnd, we’re not talking about some flying carpet kind of fantasy! We’ve all imagined what kind of world we might live in with just a few minor changes to the chronology. A couple different choices here and there and we might not only have averted a few major disasters, but we might live in a completely different kind of technological atmosphere! Powered by the glory of steam and populated by the Victorian era culture? Is there even a better world imaginable?Well, it’s probably too late to enact that kind of world directly, but you can still vicariously participate in such a golden age with a little bit of work and the right people to surround yourself with! Perhaps you can practice a few different accents and postures. Maybe work on adapting some existing technology to show off your innovation? Either way, we’ve got a great place to begin.FUN DETAILSChannel the mystery of an era that never came to be with this Steampunk Lady Plus Size Costume. Just like the astounding blend of old world culture and pseudo-advanced technology, this Steampunk regalia is made from a combo of fabrics, stitched together to give you that perfect intentionally makeshift yet refined look. We’re talking faux suede side panels and faux leather buckled straps to connect your maroon and comfy bodice and asymmetrical skirt. Cord laced and keyhole cut, you’re going to look fantastic! The goggles and bucked wrist straps only refine the look you’ll be killing!GET TO THE STEAMPUNK BALL ON TIMEWe might lack the individual airships that we hoped to have through Steampunk tech, but we can still make sure that when you arrive to the party, you’ll do so in style. Show off that impossible blend of old and new world at once in a way that will leave everyone inspired and steaming at the collar!


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