Star Wars Padme Deluxe Costume


This Star Wars Padme Deluxe Costume will have your girl ready to play the role of blaster-wielding senator!

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Padme isn’t the type of politician to just sit around in a cushy seat all day. If there’s a problem, she won’t hesitate to grab her blaster, jump in the mud and fight for her people! In fact, she prefers taking action to sitting around and talking about problems. Does that sound a little bit like your little girl? Ready to jump into action at a moment’s notice, no matter the dangers? Then Padme Amidala, from the Star Wars Prequel Trilogy might be the perfect cosplay costume for your girl.This Star Wars Padme deluxe costume recreates her outfit from the Star Wars Prequel Trilogy. It comes with a white jumpsuit made from a polyester material. It has attached boot tops on the pant legs, which means your girl can wear whatever shoes she likes with this costume. It also comes with a white cape with a shawl-style front. Finally the belt is molded to have a blaster holster on the side, so she’ll look ready for anything the galaxy throws at her!Once your little girl is fully outfitted in this Star Wars costume, she can give a convincing speech to Sheev during the next senators meeting, or she can blast the smithereens out of the Neimoidians when they try to cause trouble on Naboo. Just make sure you keep her away from any young handsome Jedi Knights because she may just end up falling in love with the future Darth Vader if she’s not careful!



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