Spooky Ghost Kids Costume


Turn your child in to a spooky creatures from the afterlife with this Spooky Ghost Kids Costume.

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A GHASTLY COMPROMISE FOR YOUR KIDDOSOur little darling tykes can be a source of wonder and amazement… and also horror and trepidation. Ultimately, the thin line between seems to be at precisely how much noise they are making at any given time. Too much and they’re practically going to put you in the grave. Too little and you know that they’re up to something even worse! Trying to find that happy middle ground is harder than trying to speak with the dead!Of course, if you think creatively, you can do all of that at once! Just think, the whispers of the spirits from beyond the grave? Whispers! Sure, it is a little creepy and verges on that worry of what they’re up to when they get too quiet, but that’s where you just come up with the right ghostly accessories to make sure that there is just enough of a clatter that you always know where they’re going to be. We’ve seen enough haunted specters to know what to do!FUN DETAILSRather than pulling your hair out or strangling your tyke, you can meet the middle ground easily… by turning your offspring into the undead with this Spooky Ghost Kid’s Costume. The comfy robe zips down the back and features layers of white fringe cloth for that perfect spectral look. The hood has foam lining to keep its haunted shape and a black face cover for the extra mystery. LITTLE HUMANS, GREAT GHOSTS!Channeling the forces from beyond the grave sounds like risky behavior, we admit. But, it is surprisingly adorable when your dreadful darlings are the ones who enjoy from the hysterical haunts. Enjoy the eerie quiet that comes as your kiddo floats down the halls. Note, however, they will still ask for a PB&J sandwich. They’ll just moan for extra peaaaaaanut buuuutterrrrrr!



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