Spartan Warrior Kids Costume


Let your little warrior let loose with this Child Spartan Warrior Costume! Be ready to hear him screaming “This is Sparta!”

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Hoist Your Shields!You there, young Spartans! Little history lesson for you: no ancient warrior is safe when a Spartan soldier is around, and neither is their empire! It’s a fact! So many city-states underestimated the power of the Spartan army and they paid dearly for it—with the lives of their soldiers and their cities. Bummer, yeah?It’s not so much of a bummer when you’re at the helm. It’s no wonder that the Spartans have gained popularity once again amongst us modern folk longing for a day when heroics and traditions were taken seriously, and where honor was the ultimate goal for any young man. Maybe not as young as you, but it’s cool to pretend, we think. And you don’t even have to go back in time to be a Spartan warrior—we’ve got you covered!FUN DetailsYou’ll assert your rule over the battlefield (the yard) as one of the most feared ancient soldiers (cool looking kids) this Halloween season in this Child Spartan Warrior Costume! The costume includes a knee-length red cape that drapes over the shoulders and an antique-brass-tone plastic medallion that can be tied to one shoulder of the cape. The brown kilt has an elastic waist for a comfortable fit and has a front wrap panel and black and gold detailed edging. Adorning the costume is a belt and wrist cuffs made of faux brown leather and are embossed with a basket-weave pattern. Word to the wise, no warrior would dare go into battle without a helmet, so this costume comes with a molded vinyl headpiece that is painted to look battle-worn. Add accessories like lace-up sandals, leg guards and our Spartan shield and sword for a complete look! Onward, to Sparta!Now Get that Candy!Donning this Child Spartan Warrior Costume means you’re harnessing an ancient heroic culture, giving you the energy to get all the neighborhood candy by any means possible! Don’t harm anyone (we know you could do it, little guy) but just expect some candy from each and every door. Looking like this cool Spartan, there’s no way you’ll be turned down.



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