Shipwreck Captain Men’s Costume


Become the captain of your very own pirate ship when you put on this Shipwreck Captain Men’s Costume.

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Lost your ship and got yourself stranded on a remote desert isle? No problem! Just become the Shipwreck Captain!Wait, you say you lost your pirate gear at sea too? Well, we can’t have the captain gallivanting around as a castaway without the right look, so make sure you equip yourself for an onshore adventure with this men’s Shipwreck Captain costume! Having a ship and crew to attend to is so overrated, anyways…You can ensure that your adventure will be first class and top notch when you secure this exclusive pirate costume. We made and designed it right here at, and as one of the top destinations for pirate costumes on the web, we’re known to throw out our “yawrs” quite liberally. As in, yawr, get yerself this ‘ere costume!Styled as a shirt, jacket, and pants combination, this ensemble also includes a belt, hat, and sash. All the gear you’ll need to complete your pirate transformation! Attention to detail and high-quality materials are what makes this style stand out above similar costumes. The faux suede jacket has patchwork style detailing, and elegant gold brocade trim. Red feather plumage adorns the hat, and altogether the costume effect paints your picture as a pirate captain who isn’t really going to be shipless for all that long.Add some key accessories like an eyepatch, cutlass, and pistol—they’re optional and sold separately—but highly recommended. After all, when you find yourself hunting for buried treasure or battling to steal a sojourners’ ship, you’re going to want to be armed to the hilt!



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