Sexy Ring Mistress Womens Costume


In this Sexy Ring Mistress Womens Costume you will be the most powerful women in the ring, so powerful you will be able to tame the most rowdy of lions.

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THE GREATEST SHOW IN THE WORLDWhat would your act be if you found your picture hoisted up on a giant four-story poster, broadcasting the performance of a lifetime at the greatest show that the world had ever seen? Would you be the trapeze artist that managed some kind of impossible parkour in mid-air? How about the fire-eaters or sword-swallowers, risking limb and lung as you show off your deft ability to bend physics and biology to your whim?Little too dangerous for you? Or is that not even scratching the surface of what you’d be able to tackle? The real star of the show is the one who can stand in the ring and face down animals that weaken the knees of all who witness them… and then cheer with roaring voices as you snap the whip (or just your fingers) and command even the king of beasts to recognize just who is the boss around here!FUN DETAILSIf you’re looking at dominating the entire stage and captivating audiences from every which way, then this Sexy Ring Mistress Women’s Costume is exactly what you’ve been searching for. This stylish dress, vest, and accessory combo features every blissful matching of red, black, and gold to make sure all attention is on you. The dress features tiers of lace and gold satin cups that match the velvet tailcoats of the vest jacket. The satin top hat marks you as the real leader of the troupe. All you’ll need is a good whip! LIONS AND TIGERS AND BEARS, WHY NOT!?When the mistress of the ring shows herself in the center of the circus, all others go into a hushed and amazed silence. Captivate the room and everything else with this stylish take on the beastmaster of the greatest show in the world and leave them gasping for breath!



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