Sexy Retro Stewardess Womens Costume


Get a classic flight attendant look when you wear this Sexy Retro Stewardess Womens Costume. It features a light blue skirt and jacket with matching hat and purse.

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IT’S A FIGHT ATTENDANT TIME WARP!We’ve been warning pilots for decades to watch out when flying over the oceans. There are just certain zones that are way too dangerous and unpredictable. The Bermuda Triangle is, of course, the most famous. But, there are plenty of sites that just have some seriously weird energies going on. So, if you’re a flight attendant and you notice your pilot going a little bonkers and heading towards a giant rift in the sky… just be ready.Time portals are not for everyone. You should have a dedicated Time Lord or at least nuclear scientist or crazy old garage inventor along if you plan for any shifts back in time. If, however, your pilot doesn’t listen and you find yourself zapped into that Pre-Pan-Am Retro world, things are definitely going to be a little different. First off, they’re going to be calling you a stewardess and the attire is definitely something else!FUN DETAILSWhether you’ve found yourself already zapped through time or just want to prepare in case you expect you might some day be, we’ve got the retro stuff to get you in classic style. Slide into this Sexy Retro Stewardess Women’s Costume and you’ll feel in charge of your flight deck. This sky blue, form-fitting pullover dress is styled to look like a pencil skirt and jacket. The matching pillbox hat and mini purse are the perfect accessories to compliment the design while the white necktie gives a great accent to the wide collar. AND KEEP THOSE TRAYS IN THE UPRIGHT POSITIONTake charge of the plane, because that pilot can’t be trusted to avoid that Bermuda energy vortex! Fortunately, with the right retro style, you’ll have no problem commanding the attention of all your passengers. Just get the lines memorized because everyone forgets to put their mask on themselves, first, and they’re certainly going to need it!



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