Sexy Hamburger Clown Costume


This Sexy Hamburger Clown Costume is fashioned after your favorite hamburger chain mascot.

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Crispy fries, salted to perfection. Chicken nuggets with a nice crunch matched with juicy tenderness. Delicious hamburger patties covered in a blanket of gooey cheese. Ice cold soda in a cup bigger than your head. So… is your mouth watering yet?If drive-thru burger joints are your favorite places to chow down, whether it’s breakfast, lunch, dinner, for a mid-night snack or whenever then you’ll love parading all around town in this unique Hamburger Clown Costume! With these sassy striped stockings and playful puffy sleeves, you’ll look like a high fashion fast-food franchise mascot! One who both devours mountains of french-fries and stays up to date on stylish trends. Everybody loves someone that can fill a room with laughter and fill up bellies with grub, so you won’t be able to find a single frown in the crowd when you enter the party scene. You’ll be the best cooking clown in the place! If going out with this romper doesn’t truly show how much you love fast-food burger joints, then add a few accessories to the costume! Grab a red clown wig if laughs are what you want or just a regular red wig if you’re going for a sassier look. Don’t forget to throw on the right footwear, maybe some zany clown shoes or a pair of classy ruby red boots.Once you have the perfect accessories to personalize your clown costume you’ll be ready for a night out on the town. Order yourself a number 1, supersize it, and devour your tasty meal while wearing this delectable costume! If you have enough showmanship during your order maybe you’ll even score a free meal!… It’s not guaranteed but one can always dream.



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