Nomadic Horse Warrior Costume Men’s


Roam the night in our Men’s Nomadic Horse Warrior Costume. This set includes gauntlets and a waist piece for authenticity.

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It’s A Horse Warrior ThingHorse Warriors do as Horse Warriors do. You know, riding horses, raiding enemy villages, swinging their arakh swords and being all-around audacious dudes. That’s a lot of ground to cover but there’s one area where horse warriors never slack. On their grungy nomadic outfits! That’s right, a thick harness and pair of riding pants can really go a long way. Well, now you can look like a real horse warrior yourself when you grab our exclusive Men’s Nomadic Horse Warrior Costume.If you’re ready to suit up on your steed, we’re sure you’ll find this costume suitable for the task. Or, at the bare minimum, for partying and looking the part! With faux suede and leather, it has a realistic quality, even if the character you’re portraying is mostly a fantasy creation. Cause that’s what we’re all about at!Fun DetailsThis costume is an exclusive and we designed as a midsection harness, a belt with an attached loincloth, a pair of gauntlets, and a pair of pants. The detailed harness features faux leather pieces attached together and featuring decorative faux rawhide stitches. The belt features an attached faux fur loincloth and a metal chain with medallions goes on top. It also comes with faux suede gauntlets and pants; the gauntlets features faux leather strips. All-together, it’s a rough and tumble look that’s ready for fun!Maximize the FunIf you’re suiting up as a mighty horse warrior, we’re sure you’re going to want all the gear to complete the theme. And, since we’re all about maximizing the Halloween fun, we’ve got all the needed accessories available right here at! Take a look at our Horse Warrior Wig to rock the long single braid hairdo, and grab an arakh toy weapon to help you look extra fierce for the Halloween fun.



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