Kids Prisoner Costume


This kids prisoner costume is a fun child inmate costume for Halloween. Pair up with our kids cop costumes for a great child group Halloween costume.

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Have you ever noticed that the criminals are getting younger and younger these days? It doesn’t take a genius to see what’s forcing these tiny tots into a life of crime, either. All the Swedish death metal music that gets marketed to babies, the violent video games for toddlers, Mr. Rogers and his sweater agenda. And what about all of those subliminal messages in the Raffi videos? Of course, we’re kidding. (Sort of. We’ve got our eyes on you, Raffi…)There’s really only one way to fix this crisis…SCARE YOUR CHILD STRAIGHT. Let ’em know that the winding, crimey path they’re on right now might seem glamorous and exciting but it’s only gonna end in iron bars and black & white stripes. Maybe all the corruption they see in their PBS Kids shows seem really cool at the time, but there are consequences for each one of those wedgies, and there are penalties to pay for every slingshot.So what’s the best way to scare that little guy or gal right off their path of organized crime and guaranteed jail time? We’d like to recommend one of these Kids Prisoner Costumes. What better way to express the gravitas of a life of crime with a costume that’s straight out of prison? The durable polyester knit won’t let you down, the pants have an elastic waist that will fit any size delinquent, and the costume is completed when you add a ball & chain from our accessories department. Just be sure you do this quickly, because, let’s be honest…you can only hold off those Raffi songs for so long… Get this costume before it’s too late!



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