Firefighter Babe Costume


When the siren goes off, you’ll be ready to jump aboard the fire truck in this Firefighter Babe Costume.

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We know you’ve always been someone who can handle the heat, so we have the perfect costume for you this Halloween. Check out this awesome Firefighter Babe Costume! You’ll be ready to save any party if things get a little too hot.The only thing hotter than a burning building is going to be your heroic look once you slip into this amazing fire girl dress with its red hot suspenders. Any cat that’s stuck in a tree will see you with this saucy outfit on and jump right into your arms to warm up. A wildfire would just decide to put itself out as soon as you strut your stuff because there is just no way it could compete with the kind of heat you’ll be giving off. Spark things up on the dance floor with dance moves that can only be measured in Kelvins. You can turn up the heat, even more, when you add a handful of accessories to this costume. We would suggest a pair of black thigh highs and a firefighter axe prop that you can carry around in case of emergency. Also be sure to get your hands on a firefighter helmet as well as a sassy pair of boots and your head to toe transformation will be complete.It’s time to tell fire to move on because there’s a whole new kind of heat in town. Toss on this Firefighter Babe Costume and cause a heat wave this Halloween. Just be sure things don’t get too hot for all your friends in the party scene, water is your best friend!



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