Dazzling Gold Flapper Costume For Women


You will shine in our Women’s Dazzling Gold Flapper Costume! Sure to dazzle the crowds as you dance, baby, dance the night away!

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PARTY DRESSThis costume is something special. You see, we have plenty of flapper costumes. But this one carries a little extra flare, a little extra glitz and glam than the rest. Maybe it’s the color, maybe it’s the accessories, we can’t quite tell. All we know is that when we see this costume, we think of luxury. We think of a party in a mansion, with a live band. We think of champagne bottles and caviar and ballroom dancing. We think of nice cars and catered meals and leather-bound books. It reminds us of a lifestyle we see in movies, of a life so full of wealth and luxury that we would never have to sell another costume again. (Though we would keep selling them anyways, we love what we do). What do you picture when you see this costume? If what you picture makes you smile, then this is definitely the costume for you. FUN DETAILS This costume feels like it belongs in a high-class speakeasy! It starts with the gold dress, a one-shoulder sheath style piece with a zipper on the side. The entire thing is covered in metallic gold cord frills, making this dress shimmer and shine with your every move. With that kind of brilliance, you’ll find people just can’t look away! We’ve also included the necklace and the choker, both of which are classic styles of the time! The choker is made of black sequins, and the headband is made of gold ones, with a black feather sticking up off the top. LIFE OF LUXURY What do you picture when you see this costume? Maybe you picture a yacht in front of a sunset, maybe you picture a rooftop penthouse. Whatever it is that you picture, we hope that you can make it come true when you wear your dress!



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