Black/Nude Thigh Highs


These Black/Nude Thigh Highs are going to add some serious sex appeal to your costume!

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Sometimes men can be a little too deal. They have a lot of trouble getting the hint that you might be a little interested. Maybe you can get some help to make your costume a little more…suggestive? You’ve got the short skirt, sexy black heels, and maybe even a mysteriously delicious lace top that just flirts a little skin here and there. What’s there not to get? We think we can help with that. Don’t forget about those gorgeous legs of yours! These Black/Nude Thigh Highs can be worn with a costume or used with lingerie and your legs will feel a lot sexier so it can really boost your confidence and up your approach game. Don’t forget to grab a seductive garter belt to keep these thigh highs nice and tight. Besides. They look way too good on you not to pass up! We can already hear the angels…or are those little devils singing?


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