Army Flightsuit Costume For Women


This Army Pilot Flightsuit costume for women is a high quality, exclusive design that will ensure the guys at the party will attend to you! Hang on, you and adventure are going for a ride.

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FLIGHT SUITDo you always have your eyes on the skies? When you go on vacation, is your favorite part the flight there and back? Have you always felt as though you have something of a need for speed? If we are speaking your language, then we have just the thing for you! This costume will have you looking like an army pilot! You’ll feel so close to the real deal that you’ll want to go run and get behind the wheel of the nearest plane! That being said, we strongly urge you not to do that. Unless you’re a real pilot, then there is no legal way to do it, and you’d be putting yourself in danger and committing a serious crime. But while you can’t just go and fly a plane, you could go hop on your bike or scooter? That’d be a fun, safe alternative, right? Nah, who are we kiddin, it’s just not the same. FUN DETAILS This costume will have you ready for flight school! You’ll be wearing a jumpsuit made of 100% polyester gabardine fabric. It has a zipper on the front and elastic at the wrists and ankles. The jumpsuit has been outfitted with patches and stitching that make this jumpsuit look like the real deal. It has decorative zippers on the sides and cargo pockets on the thighs. The only accessories you’ll need for this costume are the foam hat and the belt, both of which we have included! You’ll have everything you need, right here.TAKE TO THE SKIESYou might not be able to fly a real plane, but you can make your car or bike look like a plane! Outfit it with a couple little wings and you’ll feel like a true pilot, flying just two feet above the ground!



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