1920s Coco Flapper Costume For Women


A girl should Be 2 things, Classy and Fabulous, and you are when your dress up in This Women’s 1920s Coco Flapper Costume, inspired by the designs of the legendary French designer Gabrielle ”Coco” Chanel. Perfect for a Gatsby party!

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FLAPPERSFlappers sound like our kind of crowd. They look strong, independent, witty; but most importantly, they know how to have FUN! Fun, as you might imagine, is quite important to us here at FUN.com. After all, if we don’t like fun, we probably should consider a new name! We think that flappers would be able to show us a truly wild time back in the 1920’s. We just wish we had a time machine to find out. We’d take it right back to 1925 and make a beeline for the nearest speakeasy! Then we’d be able to listen to smooth jazz while sipping on a martini. We’d befriend a flapper that could show us the town and teach us how to live the flapper lifestyle. And just like that, we’d be one of them, living the good life in the Roaring Twenties! The hardest part of the whole adventure would be having to come home. FUN DETAILS We like to think that if you put this costume in the 1920’s, it would have become the most popular dress on the block. The dress comes with a simple pattern on the torso and long black frills that hang even lower than the skirt! We’ve also included two brooches, a headband, and a necklace! These accessories take this costume all the way to the top of the fashion food chain. Last but not least, we’ve included a cigarette holder, an iconic piece from the time.THE ROARING TWENTIESWe think that you should bring the roaring twenties back around for one more night. That’s right, we are thinking that you should host a flapper/gangster themed party! Dim the lights, throw on some jazz and your new costume and watch the crowd slip back in time to the days of our great-great grandparents.



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